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Mindset & Body Therapy

Bespoke Employee




Are you looking for solutions to your company's wellness challenge? Welcome to Mindset & Body Therapy, your employee well-being partner.

Get in touch to discuss bespoke wellness solutions, tailored to your people's needs from as little as £7 per person.

Choose from our menu of solutions...

Every person within your business is unique, that's why we offer a wide range of well-being solutions that can be individually selected to meet the individual needs of your people. Choose one, ten, or more therapies - plus, don't be afraid to ask us for something different - we have a network of specialists we can call on to create the perfect wellness solution for your business. 

Stress Management


How does it work?

Head Massage
Office Coffee Break
Co-working space


Choose from our comprehensive range of wellness solutions. Build a bespoke wellness package that reflects the needs of your people.


We will visit your workplace and host your chosen wellness sessions for your colleagues to attend.


Each colleague is free to attend as many or as few sessions as they wish - whichever they feel is right for their own well-being.


We can follow up with more wellness  solutions in the future, plus we offer a range of options that can be continued online.

Where do we travel to?

*We are based in Northwich, North West England. Our team are happy to travel to your place of work to host bespoke wellness sessions - please get in touch to discuss this. Plus, many of our therapies, such as our mental fitness programs, can be continued online.

Did You Know?

The emotional and physical health of your team is directly related to the performance of your business?

Good health = Good business

Your employees are your greatest asset. Their well-being and productivity directly impact the success of your business. That's why we offer bespoke company wellness solutions that go beyond the ordinary, empowering your team to choose the therapies most suited to their personal needs.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. Your business is unique, and so are your people. We work closely with you to understand your specific aims, challenges, and culture, then create tailored wellness solutions that caters to the specific needs of your team.

Our wide range of therapies allows each individual to decide how best to meet their personal needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and lasting results. There are no limits on number of participants. Each person is free to attend as many or as few sessions as they wish - whichever they feel is right for their own well-being.

Let's work together and allow your colleagues to thrive.
Contact us to arrange a Bespoke Employee Wellness...  

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