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Mindset & Body Therapy

I’m Tara Ryder and I believe that taking care of your mind and body should be a priority for every body and every business. I am a multi-qualified coach and therapist based in the North West, and through Mindset & Body Therapy I combine positive mindset coaching with body massage and other therapies, that allow everyone to thrive. I work with private individuals, and also specialise in creating Bespoke Employee Wellness Solutions for your company's wellness challenge. 

Mindset & Body Therapy can help everyone achieve...

Greater Confidence

Reduced Stress


Better Focus

Lower Anxiety

Better Relationships


Less Guilt

Work-Life Balance

My Mission: To help every body thrive

PR Office


The well-being of your colleagues should be a top priority within your company. Book a Company Massage Day with us at your premises and each colleague will receive an individual massage that will help reduce stress and relieve tension, leaving them happy and rejuvenated to take on the day!

Head Massage

As a working woman and mother, I know all too well the pressures we all face and put ourselves under to achieve the things we want to achieve and to be the people that we want to be. As our careers, roles, bodies and relationships transform throughout our lives we often forget to take care of ourselves. That’s why I’m here - to empower you to take greater control of your mindset and body, and to thrive in your own life.

Tara RyderMindset & Body Therapy 

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Northwich, UK

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